Working with Challenging Behaviour using Positive Behaviour Support (Level Two)

Presented by Adrian Clyne

1 day course

£35 per participant*

Course code: PACT0924




This course will enable participants to develop skills in using the functional assessment process to understand the purpose a behaviour may be serving for an individual. This course is designed for Care staff working in Learning Disability services.

Participants will:

  • Be given an introduction to Positive Behaviour Support and its origins
  • Develop skills in undertaking and understanding the Functional Assessment Process
  • Be able to identify why it is important to include “contextual fit” in support plans
  • Look at ways in which to introduce and produce Positive Behaviour Support Plans
  • Be able to identify different ways to reinforce positive behaviour
  • You must have an understanding of the legal position and duty of care in relation to the use of physical interventions and responses to behaviours that challenge
  • You must have been involved in the use of functional assessments within a multi-disciplinary approach (ABC Charts)
  • You must have attended the PaCT Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support course

Presented and administered by

Adrian Clyne

Adrian Clyne

Douglas Mackie

Douglas Mackie

Relaxed, but very knowledgeable. The anecdotes helped to reinforce theory and the trainer’s experience is obvious
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