The Learning Zone

We hope that you have enjoyed browsing the range of high quality courses in our directory, and you may have selected one or more courses that you want to book to attend.

You are now ready to register as a new ‘PaCT Customer’. Using our promotional code, registration is a simple and quick one-off process and will mean you will be able to book onto the courses you have seen immediately.

Your ‘New PaCT Customer’ Promotional Registration Code is PACT

How to register:

Take a note of the course code(s) for the courses you want to book (this will save you time when you have completed the registration process)

Visit the login page

log-in screen

Under ‘New User’ select 'click here to register' - this will take you the registration form which asks for some simple information including your e-mail address

You will see that a User ID has automatically been generated (this is at the top of the form and starts ‘EXT’ followed by numbers). Tip: Make a note of this user ID for next time you log in.

Fill in all the required information as shown in the picture below:

  • Use the ‘Promotional Code’ PACT for both Registration Code and Customer Number
  • Organisation ID enter PaCT (NB: Case sensitive)
  • Tip: don’t forget to tick the check box to confirm you agree with the privacy statement

Registration screen

Finally click submit.

You will see a message thanking you and confirming you have registered successfully

Your user ID is now active - Click continue to enter the Learning Zone.

Book your Course: You can now book your chosen course(s) using the course codes you have noted.