PaCT workforce development

Course title: Dementia supported learning programme (SLP)


The course will begin with a briefing about the supported learning programme process, expectations and practical elements.

The induction session last 3 1/2 hours and is aimed at talking delegates through the SLP pack, web support pages and forums.

There are practical elements to this course and delegates will have a chance to access the web support.

Participants will also discuss the commitment that managers should be making to supporting them during the SLP process or taking up the buddy system of peer support if a manager is not available in their own organisation.


The Introductory phase is designed to provide you with some basic knowledge about dementia and to help you to familiarise yourself with the type of materials you will be using and to gain some skills in collecting and collating reliable and robust information. We ask you to complete the following four tasks before the first facilitated session.

The approximate time to complete each of the tasks is shown in the course outline.

There are some useful links to documents and Internet resources in the useful links throughout the page.

Reflective diary

Reflective practice is a very powerful learning tool. It helps you to understand how the new knowledge and skills you have gained fit with your own previous knowledge and understanding of concepts. It also allows you to conceptualise new information specific to your work environment and role.

We encourage you to complete your reflective diaries throughout the course of the programme. You will be asked to submit your reflective diary at the follow-up session.

The diary will demonstrate your progress throughout the course and we require that the diary is signed off by both your manager and the subject matter expert before you receive your certificate.

Task 1

Introductory phase e-learning. (7 hrs)

The SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) Open Dementia Programme should be accessed prior to the 1st facilitated course.

Task 2

Risk factors associated with diseases causing dementia (1hr)

Download the document, visit the Alzheimer's society websiteparticularly the page on risk factors and complete the boxes provided.

Task 3

Dementia quiz (1/2 hr)

The dementia quiz is multiple choice and is designed to test your existing knowledge and to expand on your understanding about some key facts about dementia.

If you are having trouble finding the information you need, you might find this information in the document and internet resource links contained in the useful links document

Facilitated day one

Course Programme:

  1. Welcome and introduction

  2. Reflection on pre-course activities

  3. Exploration of Module 201

  4. Completion of Module 201

  5. How to deliver Module 201

  6. Preparing for the self-directed learning activities

Task 4

Deliver a short training session (prep 2 hours, delivery - 20 minutes)

At the first facilitated session, you should have received a Trainer’s Guide, and Learner’s Workbook for Module 201: Dementia Awareness.

After attending the first facilitated session and before attending day 2, you should select one session from this material to deliver to your manager or a small group of peers.

We have also attached a session plan template for you to complete should you find this useful.

Task 5

Learning styles (3 hrs)

We encourage you to research some information on learning styles to support you in the delivery of training. We ask you to reflect on learning styles in your reflective diary.

There are many theories on learning styles, you may already be aware of these from previous training courses. The theory that we will be focusing on for this course is VAK. This is quite a straight forward theory and commonly used among trainers. It is base on the early models of neuro-linguistic programming.

That is not to say it is the only theory or the best. That would be up to you to decide. If you would like to know more about some of the other learning theories, we suggest you take a look at Honey and Mumford and Kolb's theory as well as multiple intelligence theory.

Facilitated day two

Course Programme:

  1. Welcome and reflection on delivering the training session

  2. Exploration of Module 201

  3. Exploration of Module 201 (continued)

  4. Applying learning from the pre-course activity

  5. Preparing for the self-directed learning activity and micro teach

Learning in practice

Information is given out during the second facilitated session. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the PaCT team on telephone number 01962 845651 or 01962 847250.

Don't forget to complete your reflective diary to be handed in at the Reflective follow-up session on day 3

Facilitated day three

Course Programme:

Full day workshop consisting of:

  • Completion of Module 201

  • Delivery of micro teach session with evaluation and feedback

  • Reflecting on learning from the course.

  • Preparing to deliver a training session

  • This is the deadline to hand in your reflective diary