Support for adopters

The needs of adoptive children and their families will change and evolve throughout the life of the adoption

For this reason, we have a range of services that are available to adoptive families without the family being open to a social worker from the team.

These services are outlined in our quarterly newsletter, or can be accessed by contacting the Adoption Support Team:

  • information on developments within the adoption field
  • access to training, workshops and support groups
  • information on events for adopted children facilitated by GroundWorks Fusion project
  • access to one-off consultations with an Educational Psychologist
  • video interactive guidance with an Educational Psychologist
  • information and advice about a range of other services that can support adoptive families such as the Support4SEND which offers information, advice and support on special educational needs and disability issues

Peer Mentoring Programme

This programme offers excellent 1-1 peer mentoring and restorative parenting training. It is available for all of our prospective and approved adopters and provides them with stability and emotional support throughout the process and beyond. It aims to give our adopters confidence in the journey they are about to embark on and will also provide them with advice on what support is available and how to access it. All the mentors are adopters, who work independently alongside social workers.

For more information please read the information sheet.

Forthcoming Adoption Support Groups

The Service holds regular support groups across the county. Everyone is welcome and you are free to pop by for the whole session or just drop by for a cup of tea and a chat. There will be members of the Adoption Support Service Team present to help facilitate discussions as required. If you would like to come along to meet the team and other adopters, please register your interest and / or attendance by email to It would also be helpful if you could let them know your adoptive status (i.e. newly approved adopter, have a child placed or adopted with an Adoption Order)

Upcoming dates for groups are:

  • Hythe Support Group - 4 June, 1pm-3pm
  • Swanwick Support Group - 5 June, 6.30pm-8.30pm
  • Basingstoke Support Group - 7 June, 10am–12pm
  • Swanwick Support Group - 4 September, 6.30pm–8.30pm
  • Basingstoke Support Group - 6 September, 10am–12pm
  • Hythe Support Group - 10 September, 1pm-3pm
  • Hythe Support Group - 3 December, 1pm – 3pm
  • Swanwick Support Group - 4 December, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
  • Basingstoke Support Group - 6 December, 10am – 12pm

Support for families with more complex needs

For some families more individual support will be needed. In these circumstances, please contact the Adoption Support Service, and request an Adoption Support Needs Assessment, which will be completed by a social worker in the team. This is not a crisis service, so it may be that we need to sign post you to another area of Children’s Services alongside the referral to our team.

Adoption support plans can cover areas such as:

  • therapeutic re-parenting
  • life story work and identity work
  • understanding developmental trauma
  • theraplay influenced activities to help build positive attachments
  • setting up Inclusion Partnership Agreements with schools where appropriate, and providing advice on Pupil Premium Plus

The Adoption Support Fund

Local Authorities have access to funding for therapeutic services for adoptive families, that are outside of those that should be provided by the local authority. This can only be accessed if a need has been identified within the Adoption Support Needs Assessment, and there is no guarantee that an application will be approved.

Eligibility Criteria

Adoption support services are open to adoptive parents who have adopted children from Hampshire (excluding Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight). Adoptive parents resident in Hampshire who did not adopt through the county, but whose child’s Adoption Order is more than three years old are entitled to use these services.

If you adopted your child from another local authority, and are within the first three years after the Adoption Order, please contact the placing local authority, who can contact us if they wish to commission local services.

If you adopted your child from overseas, please be aware that not all services will be available, however, we can provide information and advice.

Contact the Adoption Support Service

If you would like some advice or guidance regarding adoption related needs, please call our Duty Line 01489 587543 between 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Thursday & 8.30 – 4.30pm Friday.

The Duty line is run by a trained worker in the Adoption Support Service Team.

Support for adopters

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