Assessment process

We thoroughly assess all foster carers to make sure they are suitable for fostering, including police checks, employment references and a full medical. The assessment process takes, on average, four months and is made up of the following steps.

Initial visit

We will visit you at your home and tell you more about the role of a foster carer, answer any questions, explain the assessment process and learn more about you.

Skills to Foster

This is a three day training course which typically takes place over three consecutive Saturdays. This is an opportunity for you to decide if fostering is right for you.

  • An assessing social worker will take you through the assessment process
  • You will be asked to attend pre-approval training to give you more in-depth insight into fostering and begin to prepare you for the task
  • Your assessing social worker will write a detailed report, called a Form F, which will be shared with you
Hampshire Fostering Panel

Hampshire Fostering Panel members will consider the information and give a recommendation about your approval. You will be asked to attend this panel meeting and will be supported by your assessing social worker. The recommendation then goes to the Agency Decision Maker for a final decision.

Starting to foster

Once you are approved you will be allocated a Family Placement Social Worker who will support you during your fostering career. As soon as you are approved we can place children with you. Sometimes this can be very soon and other times there is a wait depending on the needs of our children.