What is fostering

Fostering is when a child is cared for by someone who is not a member of their own birth family. A weekly allowance is paid to the foster carer to cover the costs of looking after that child. A skills-related income is also provided to more experienced and skilled foster carers.

Fostering is hugely satisfying, extremely rewarding and great fun. It offers you the opportunity to make a real difference in a child’s life.

Why are children fostered?

Children and young people are fostered for a variety of reasons. They may have been abused or neglected or their families may be experiencing some difficult times.

What do you do as a foster carer?

Day to day foster care is much like the daily routine of most families; taking children to school, making sure they do homework, watching TV together, taking an interest and offering comfort when needed.

However as a foster carer you will also:

  • work as part of a professional team
  • keep records and write reports about the children in your care
  • attend support groups to hear from other foster carers
  • find activities to do that the child enjoys and boost their confidence and self esteem
  • attend meetings and advocate for the child in your care
  • help children manage their behaviour and feelings
  • promote contact with birth families for the child
  • attend training to help develop your skills to care for the child

We provide excellent support and training to our foster carers, which is why so many people choose to foster with Hampshire.

What is fostering