Foster carers are like biscuits

Emily’s story

May 14 2020


Emily, in our recruitment and assessment team, made some biscuits at the weekend and it sparked a thought.

"Hi, my name's Emily and I love chocolate hobnobs, so much so that I made some of my own at the weekend. They're not perfect but they're great dunked in tea! 

Making these got me thinking… if you're someone who likes to give something a go and you're ok with bumpy imperfections, rent or own your home, have a faith or not, have kids, step-kids, no kids even, pets or imperfections – you could make a great foster carer.

Become part of the fostering community and find a tribe of people like you, who want to give a child a hopeful future, full of all the good things you have to share.

We don't need perfect biscuits. We just need people with big hearts and practical minds to give children the chance they deserve.

So, whether you have a half-baked idea about becoming a foster carer or whether the idea has is dripping with chocolate goodness, give us a call on 01489 587052.”