Fostering for adoption

Adopting a child through Adopt South

Our children range from babies to school aged children. They have been unable to remain living with their birth parents and wider family as in most cases they were unable to provide the care the children needed. Our children are likely to have had difficult early life experiences.

Our children need a safe and loving home where they can learn to trust and flourish. We need adopters who can support our children to achieve their potential in life. In stable, nurturing homes children can thrive.

Fostering for Adoption

With Adopt South you can also adopt a child through Early Permanence, also known as Fostering For Adoption.

Combining fostering and adoption is widely known as ‘early permanence’, but we prefer the simpler ‘Fostering for Adoption’.

With this approach, you’ll start by fostering a child to begin with, but you’ll be ready and approved to fully adopt them if a court eventually decides they can’t continue to live with their birth family.

You’ll get training on Fostering for Adoption to see if the plan is right for you during your main assessment to become an adoptive family. If it is, and you complete your assessment, you’ll foster a child at the earliest opportunity of their care proceedings.

Fostering for Adoption keeps the option open of the child re-joining their family or staying with you as their adoptive family. It means the child won’t have to be repeatedly relocated to temporary foster carers while we wait for their family to be assessed, so they experience the least amount of disruption as possible during their early years.

Keep in mind there’s no guarantee you will fully adopt the child as Fostering for Adoption carers; in some cases they may return to their birth parents.

Little boy with parent Little boy reading with adopter

Early Permanence

Adopt South is committed to the early placement of our children, for whom adoption may be the plan, with approved adopters who are also approved to be temporary Foster Carers.

The benefit of this approach is that it minimises the number of placement moves for a child by placing them at an earlier stage with carers who could go on to become their adoptive family. This will therefore be a temporary fostering placement for a child.

As Fostering For Adoption carers you will have been assessed and prepared to have a child placed with you at the earliest opportunity during the care proceedings for the child.

During assessment you will receive training on Fostering For Adoption to consider whether Fostering For Adoption is right for your family.

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