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Training: Stage One

A training programme designed to give an insight into the needs and experiences of the children who are ready to be placed for adoption. It includes group work, which enables prospective Adopters to meet and talk to others who are in a similar situation to themselves.

Stage One training also provides adopters with knowledge of the adoption process and explains what is expected of them as adopters and what they can expect from their social workers.

Training: Stage Two

Three full days on the adoption process: the meaning of adoption: positive parenting: the matching process: permanence: child development: attachment: neglect and abuse: life story work and contact. You will also have an opportunity to hear from guest speakers, including an experienced adopter and a foster carer.

You will also have the opportunity to use Virtual Reality to aid your understanding of children needing an adoptive family.

Adoption Panel

Adopt South Adoption Panel is made up of people who have experience or expertise in adoption. It will include a social worker, and maybe a foster carer, a medical advisor, a health or education professional and people who have been adopted or have adopted children. You will be asked to attend this panel meeting supported by your assessing social worker.

Panel members will consider the information and give a recommendation about your approval. This recommendation is later ratified by the Agency Decision Maker, a senior manager in Adopt South. You are then an approved prospective adopter.

Intermediary services

Once you are approved, your social worker will support you in being ‘matched’ to a child. The information from your assessment helps us to make the right ‘match’ and ensure you are the right family for the child. Most children adopted by Adopt South adopters will be from the South Region, but some matches are identified elsewhere, through a national data base which Adopt South subscribes to.

More details about these organisations can be found at Please note that you can’t fully log into these sites until you are an approved adopter.

Adoption Order

When a child comes to live with you, we will visit you regularly to make sure that everything is going well and provide any support you need. At the right time we will support you in making an application to Court for an Adoption Order. When this is made, the child legally becomes part of your family.

Financial Support

Adoptive families are asked to meet the day to day costs of caring for a child, just like any family. However in some exceptional circumstances financial support can be considered. This would depend on the specific needs of your child and would be discussed with you during matching.

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