Meet Joe

Joe, a happy and cheeky two-year-old boy, has no permanent home life. He is currently being cared for and supported by foster carers. Joe desperately needs to become part of a loving and supportive family for the rest of his life.

Joe has a neurological syndrome, but he is keen to learn and explore new experiences. While his pace is slower than most other children of the same age, he is now beginning to stand up and chatter away. He has been with his current foster family since he was just a few months old, and while they will miss him, they are keen for Joe to have a family to call his own, for the rest of his life.

Joe lying on his back on the floor playing with a toy
Joe is an affectionate and loving little boy, who would give so much pleasure to a couple or single person who can give Joe the time, patience and support he needs.
Fostercarers looking after Joe
Joe crawling

Rachel Reynolds, Head of Adopt South says:

Children like Joe need adoptive parents who will go above and beyond for them, who are willing and able to love and be committed parents to them, regardless of the challenges that may arise in their child’s life, with the care and support they require.

Adopting a child or siblings gives parent(s), profound joy and a sense of reward, creating a strong sense of purpose to nurture their children with the love and care they so deserve. Whoever becomes Joe’s new Mummy or Daddy will be given as much support from Adopt South as they need for as long as they need it, even after the adoption process has been completed.

Caring for Joe

Whether Joe will be an only child or part of a busy, lively and active family, like all children, he needs to be able to depend on his parent(s) to nurture and love him, so that he continues to be happy and thrive as he gets older.

Adopt South is looking for a parent(s) who may have a connection with or has cared for a child with additional needs either in the family or at work - in a childcare setting, for example. The parent or parents will need to fully understand the extra support, that children like Joe will need, including attending therapeutic sessions and medical appointments.

Joe sitting on a garden swing

Could you be Joe's forever family?

To find out more about Joe, ring our friendly team on 0300 3000 011