Receiving Direct Payments

The amount of Direct Payments you receive will depend on your individual situation

Once you have been assessed as being eligible you will be given a personal budget. This personal budget is the total amount of money the council will allocate to meet your social care needs. You may choose to take all or some of this budget as direct payments.

NHS Choices – Direct payments and personal budgets

On-going direct payments are paid monthly on the last working day of each month.

All payments are made in advance. For example, a payment received on the last working day of January is to pay for care in February. These payments may go up or down depending on the number of days in each month.

Month (number of days) Weekly DP amounts Monthly calculations Weekly client contributions Monthly client contributions Total monthly DP payments
January (31 days) £150 £664.29 £20 £88.57 £575.72
February (28 Days) £150 £600 £20 £80 £520
March (31 days) £150 £664.29 £20 £88.57 £575.72
April (30 days) £150 £642.86 £20 £85.71 £555.15

If a person's weekly contribution exceeds their weekly direct payments provision they will not receive direct payments.