External residential and nursing care

As part of our transformation to 2017 programme, Hampshire County Council is reviewing the way it buys residential and residential with nursing care services for older persons, physical disability and mental health


Our aims are to:

  • support individuals in a timely, appropriate and proportionate way
  • maximise their independence
  • ensure that vulnerable individuals are enabled to live safe and secure lives
  • make better use of social capital and community resources
  • continue to meet our statutory duties

Hampshire will be moving to a ‘strengths based’ approach, supporting people to recognise their strengths, talents, knowledge, skills and experience. To support this journey, the Council is developing a procurement model focused on the service user, provider and the market. This framework will be named BRANCH (bespoke residential and nursing care in Hampshire). The aim of this is to support the individuals choice, build longer term relationships with the market, increase opportunities for SMEs and offer best value. Hampshire County Council is holding engagement events for providers to attend while we are developing this model. This page will be updated regularly to reflect the current status of the project.

Supporting information

Documentation from 18 and 20 July 2016 provider engagement events

Hampshire County Council held two provider engagement events on 18 and 20 July.  At these events information was provided on the current state of play in the Hampshire Residential Care market.  These events were also an opportunity to share with providers the proposed procurement approach the Council are seeking Executive Member approval for.  See the presentation from the Provider Services Residential and Nursing Care Engagement Workshop for demographics and other information regarding the Hampshire Care market.

Further information

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