Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership

Resources and advice for professionals who work with people whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership is formed by a variety of statutory and voluntary sector agencies working together to tackle the issue of domestic abuse. Our partnership includes the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership Board.

This partnership website aims to provide a central source of information for professionals. We share local and national domestic abuse policy guidance, news, training and events.

You can contact the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership by emailing public.health@hants.gov.uk.

Steering group

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Steering Group (HDASG) was formed to determine the most effective ways of delivering domestic abuse services across Hampshire. Its aim is to establish and implement a revised joint commissioning strategy for domestic abuse services within the Hampshire County Council area and to develop and deliver a multi-agency Hampshire domestic abuse strategy and action plan. 

The steering group addresses the recommendations from the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and OFSTED reviews, and explores the scope for collaborative working across the wider Hampshire and Isle of Wight area. Several working groups report into HDASG, including Integrated Domestic Abuse Service for Hampshire (IDASH) performance monitoring group, MARAC working group and Domestic Abuse Housing working group.


Pan Hampshire Domestic Abuse Management Group

The Pan Hampshire Domestic Abuse Management Group provides strategic advice and direction to agencies in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The group, led by multi-agency professionals, helps the MARAC deliver the best possible service and response to victims of domestic abuse. It provides management assessment and oversight of the conferences performance, while facilitating effective multi-agency working between both statutory and voluntary agencies.

The Domestic Abuse Management Group develops and disseminates best practice and advice to ensure consistent standard of service across the county. The group also coordinates the multi-agency response to 'honour' based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).


Local domestic abuse forums

There are a number of Local Domestic Abuse Forums in Hampshire and the surrounding areas which meet at a district or unitary level. Contact public.health@hants.gov.uk for further information.