Safe Place

Safe Place is a scheme to help you if you get lost, scared or upset when you are out on your own

How it works

You can get a card where you write:

  • your name
  • the name and phone number of someone you trust

Safe Place identification card

When you are out on your own remember to take the card with you.

If you get lost or scared or upset when you are out you can go to a Safe Place.

Spotting Safe Places

A Safe Place is an ordinary business or shop that has agreed to offer support if someone needs help. All these places will have a Safe Place sticker which you can see in the window.

A person needing a Safe Place can get help to contact a trusted person. The business or shop provides a safe place for the person to wait for their trusted person. There are lots of Safe Places around Hampshire and Southampton. The people listed below can help you find where the Safe Places are.

Safe Place logo
Get a Safe Place card

Find out who can give you a card and where the Safe Places are near to you.

Area To request your card Organisation
East Hampshire (Petersfield, Bordon and Alton Bernadette Beresford

Choices Advocacy


Helen Coleman
Phone 023 8068 8017
Mobile phone 07757 943 305

Community Safety Partnership
Eastleigh Borough Council         
Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street
Eastleigh, SO50 9YN

Gosport Bernadette Beresford
Choices Advocacy
Havant Bernadette Beresford
Choices Advocacy
Ringwood Mandy Harris
Phone 01425 475 633
The Stable Family Home Trust
Cornerways House (Skillsbase)
2 School Lane
Ringwood, BH24 1LG


Emma Snagge
Phone 01962 873 608

Winchester Go LD
Discovery Centre, Jewry Street
Winchester, SO23 8SB