My Life My Way

In July 2014, a new programme was announced for health and care services to work together, called Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC). Hampshire has changed the name to 'My Life My Way'

IPC expects everyone to work closely together and agree how they can give people greater choice and control over their support; if there is a need for funding from the different agencies, like social care, education and health, this will be paid as a personal budget.

Funding is provided if a person is assessed as having eligible needs, which can’t be met in any other way. Hampshire is 1 of 9 places in England doing this project, so that we can test it out before all councils do it.

Organisations involved

There are many different organisations involved in the project:

  • people with a disability and parents/carers
  • Hampshire County Council Adults and Children's Services and education
  • the 5 NHS Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Groups, sometimes called CCGs
  • Hampshire Advocacy Regional Group (HARG)
  • Independent Lives
  • providers of services (Health, Social care and Education)

Target audience

The Project is for people who have lots of different needs, sometimes called complex needs. This is where people have lots of different needs like learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, or about health and education.

In Hampshire we have started the project by working with young people who are in transition, who are between 14 and 25 years old and have complex needs.

We will be reviewing all the things we learn before we offer this out to others. From April 2016 we are hoping to offer My Life My Way to more people.


We want:

  • people to feel supported when they are making transitions
  • people with disabilities and their families to make decisions about their support
  • to make sure fewer people have to go into hospital because where they live cannot care for them
  • to help people who have needed some time in hospital to only stay there for as short a time as possible
  • people to have more choice about where they live and more chances to have a tenancy even if they have very complex needs

How things will be different

New ways to plan: the planning model

  • There will be new ways of planning with people that Health, Social Care and Education will use

New ways to support people: the care model

  • More support will be given to people and families to have a Personal Budget. People with complex needs and people without family support who could not get Direct Payments will also be able to have a Personal Budget
  • Advocacy and other groups working in the community will support us to make this happen
  • Where someone has been assessed as needing funding from Health, Social Care and Education, it will be paid as one budget
  • There will be one support plan per person that everyone will use

New ways to plan

Life planning

People with a disability and their family will be supported to make a life plan, this is sometimes called a person-centred plan. The plan will say what matters to them and their family. This is the ‘What’ part of planning.

Support planning

People with disabilities and their family will be supported to make a support plan about how they would like to achieve the things in their plan. This is the ‘how to’ part of planning.

Personal budgets

A personal budget is an amount of money identified by the council, education or health, to support people to do some or all of the things in their support plan. By having a say in the way this budget is used, a parent or young person can have more control over their support.

People taking part in the project will not get more money. This is about services working better together to put the money for their support together into a personal budget for people who want one, so that they can choose how best to spend it.

More information about personal budgets:

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