New dedicated Physical Disability service at the end of 2019

To provide services to our customers to best suit their needs, taking into consideration younger adults who have a physical disability

Oct 24 2019

Adults’ Health and Care will be launching a dedicated Physical Disability service at the end of this year. This has been created to provide services to our customers to best suit their needs, taking into consideration younger adults who have a physical disability.

There is a push from some national organisations and spokespersons to consider younger adults in the debate on the future of social care in the UK. This is due to particular needs and proportion of spend. A number of Hampshire County Council’s comparator authorities and other local authorities have a dedicated Physical Disability service. Having a dedicated Physical Disability service will:

  • Focus on the needs of younger adults with physical disabilities, and other service areas which will deliver services to working age adults
  • Provide the opportunity to develop increased knowledge of available and suitable services and support networks for adults with Physical Disabilities
  • Allow for a dedicated forum for the users of Physical Disability services to make their views known
  • Provide the opportunity to link dedicated Physical Disability staff more closely to Occupational Therapists and Sensory Services within Reablement who work with people with long term conditions
  • Allow for a strengthened and dedicated focus of transition planning for children and young adults with a Physical Disability
  • Provide the opportunity to look at how to better support young carers of adults with disabilities
  • Look at where integrated working and commissioning may benefit service delivery, for example Acquired Brain Injury, CHC, Section 117 or Wheelchair Services
  • Further develop supported accommodation options for people with Physical Disabilities
  • Further develop strategic working relationships with key organisations and partners – for example Neuro Charities, County Neurology Steering Group and Disability Action
  • Focus on specific service and market development
There will be three Physical Disability teams to cover the county – the North, the South and a Central team. Recruitment for the teams is almost complete and the teams should be up and running by December 2019. Dedicated teams will allow for the opportunity for us to develop areas of special focus, for example:
  • A Deaf Services team
  • Transition from Children’s Services to Adults
  • Extra Care & Supported Living opportunities
  • Hospital Discharge from Snowdon Rehab ward, Salisbury Spinal Injuries ward and other special wards that Hampshire residents with a Physical Disability are discharged from
  • Acquired Brain Injury and links with the CCG Continuing Health Care & ABI Team.
We want the experience of people who use our services to be the best it can be, and wherever possible we will expect people to be in the service that best meets their needs. It might be that someone with a Physical Disability, who reaches the age of 65 will continue to have their needs met by the Physical Disability service. If they would have their needs better met by transferring to the Older Adults service, it may be appropriate for them to transfer. People under 65 with a diagnosis of dementia will be provided with a service within the Physical Disability team.