Direct payments

Direct Payments is money paid to you by Hampshire County Council so you can arrange care services or buy equipment for yourself, if you have been assessed as eligible for them

Direct Payments put you in control of your own lifestyle. You can employ people or buy services or equipment you choose, to provide the help that you need. You can receive Direct Payments as an alternative to having services from the Council.

The different types of Direct Payments

There are two types of Direct Payments - the type you receive is dependent on your needs, circumstances, and what the funding is intended to achieve:

  1. One-Off Direct Payments is a single payment made to buy goods or services
  2. On-Going Direct Payments is monthly payments to enable you to receive regular funding to buy goods or services

Direct Payments is not a benefit, and will not affect any benefits you currently receive. It is not counted as taxable income.

How you can use Direct Payments

You can use Direct Payments to pay for goods and services identified in your Personal Plan. You can arrange these services yourself, or ask the Council to arrange them on your behalf.

There isn't a specific list of goods or services which you can buy to meet your needs. One of the benefits of using Direct Payments is that you have the chance to choose less traditional services. You could, for example, choose to employ your own Personal Assistant in Care.

You cannot employ members of your family who live in the same house as you unless the Council considers it is necessary.

You cannot use Direct Payments for:

  • long term residential care
  • nursing care or medicines
  • alcohol, tobacco, drugs or gambling
  • equipment provided by the NHS
  • to buy services provided by a local authority eg. in-house day services
  • a substitute for the Disabled Facility Grant (DFG)

Who can receive Direct Payments
Receiving Direct Payments
Bank account for Direct Payments

If you have an enquiry about your Direct Payment, please contact us by email:

If your enquiry is about the financial assessment which determines how much you contribute towards your care, please contact