Approved Mental Health Professional Training and Continual Professional Development Policy

This policy aims to provide a detailed framework to ensure that both social work and non social work staff are suitably prepared, supported and developed to enable them to successfully train as Approved Mental Health Professionals. Following the completion of the AMHP training this procedure also lays down the requirements to be appointed. The policy lays out subsequent re-appointment and continual professional development (CPD) criteria and processes, ensuring that AMHPs receive effective specialist supervision and support to undertake this complex and demanding role.

This procedure applies to Social Workers and non Social Workers (by contractual agreement with HCC), their AMHP supervisors and mentors and Team Managers in relation to all client groups. While the majority of AMHPs are employed within adult mental health teams, it is recognised that staff from the Older Persons and Learning Disability sectors also train to be AMHPs.

Download Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Policy AHC 0520

Appendix A - Forms for the Preparation Pathway:

Appendix B - Forms for the Appointment Pathway & Development Period:

Appendix C - Forms for the Re-appointment Process:

Appendix D

Terms of Reference for the AMHP Appointment and Re-Appointment Panel

Appendix E

Guidance for AMHPs on Trainee involvement in MH Act Assessments