Nursery rooms at the Aviary

Bluebells, Poppies and Sunflowers

Bluebells – day care from 6 months to 2 years

Bluebells room at the Aviary Nursery This room offers a cosy yet spacious area in which to explore and investigate. There are spaces for crawling, sitting, cruising, tummy time and snuggling up. We have space for six children under 2 and offer a varied day starting with breakfast and then, meeting the needs of the individual child’s routine, we offer outside play, messy play, heuristic play, stories, mark making, imaginative play, time in the sensory room and mud kitchen. We are lucky to have a large outside area to go for walks and play in as well as some swings.

Bluebell’s cosy area is used for tummy time, treasure basket play and resting. Children can access their own treasure basket, blocks or heuristic play items and play with an adult or on their own. We keep the shelf labelled and clear and the baskets contain things appropriate for the interest and the development stage of the current children. The role play area is clear and inviting, offering real items such as phone and saucepans alongside size appropriate baby baths and dolls.

Poppies – care and some sessional spaces from 2 to 3 years

Poppies room at the Aviary Nursery This light and airy room offers toddlers plenty of space to move around and explore the different spaces that they can access all day: role play area, book and story area, small world, construction, puzzles, messy, play dough, paint, sensory, free flow to small enclosed outside area and music. Their day starts with breakfast and continues with continuous play opportunities as well as planned experiences like the sensory room, ball pool, a trip to top garden or forest and their own enclosed outside garden with a large sand pit.

Sunflowers – day care as well as 16 inclusive sessional spaces from 3 to 5 years

Sunflowers room at the Aviary Nursery This large room is able to be divided into two when needed by folding doors. The continuous provision for children to access by themselves consists of small world, sensory tray, construction, puzzles and games, book area, creative area, mark making area and role play. The role play area in Sunflowers is accessible, inviting and reflects the children’s home life. Outside the children can access sand and water, painting easel and large construction as well as a climbing frame, swings, large garden for bikes and forest school activities.