About Hampshire Early Years Training and Consultancy (HEYTC)

Services for Young Children (SfYC) in Hampshire have a strong reputation for delivering high quality training and support to early years and childcare providers as well as providing a trusted perspective on early years pedagogy and practice

SfYC Professional Options service

Services for Young Children (SfYC) are able to offer Hampshire schools and early years and childcare providers a range of support and training opportunities through Professional Options.

Working with the SfYC team is a highly effective way to keep up to date with best practice guidance, to find out about national developments whilst receiving valuable input for continuing development and understanding of the early years.

Who we are and how we work together

All team members are experienced in working alongside providers in the maintained, private, voluntary and independent sectors of the early years workforce and with Children's Centres.

Purchasing support/training means that team members can work with providers to meet their individual needs to improve the well being and raising of outcomes for children. Team members will also provide challenge and guidance to enable childcare practitioners to be self managing and effective in their delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and in services for the under 5's and their families.

We believe that our pricing structure and ease of purchase will enable providers to purchase support and training at times of need (e.g. prior to/after an Ofsted inspection) and staff will benefit from a tailored personalised approach. 

Benefits of using Professional Options

SfYC team members have many years of experience working with the early years and childcare sector either as practitioners in PVI settings, teachers in schools, managers/leaders and as trainers and support officers. Some team members also have Ofsted Inspection experience and commercial business knowledge. This range and depth of experience and knowledge ensures that the team really does understand the challenges faced by providers and practitioners on a daily basis. The training and support the team can provide is therefore current and individualised.

Providers are often uncertain about finding finance to purchase the support/training they/their practitioners require. Unless there is a direct need for all practitioners to be supported/trained at the same time, we suggest that providers in the same locality join together to share the costs which can be reduced to as little as £15 per person.

Definitions - Services you receive


Our definition of support is; an individually tailored opportunity for leaders/managers/ practitioners/teachers and committee members to discuss, plan and work through how they can sustain and/or improve their provision. This would usually be on a one to one basis with a member of the SfYC team.


Our definition of training is; teaching or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. It has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance. Training is usually delivered to a group of practitioners.

Download documents to complete and return
Payment process for Hampshire County Council schools

Once you have decided which training/support session you require please complete the SfYC professional options support/training request form (see previous section) and pay via HCC IBC Internal trading transfer process. Please ensure the ITT number is stated on the application form so we can track the payment.

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