Hampshire Early Years Training and Consultancy (HEYTC)

Who can benefit from support

The target audience for all support packages are based in Hampshire

  • Good and Outstanding PVI early years childcare/EYFS providers
  • Non EYE providers (Independent schools/out of school provision)
  • Individuals/organisations wishing to set up provision in Hampshire
Teams providing support
  • Childcare Development and Business Officer Team
  • Early Years Advisory Team
  • Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS)
  • Inclusion Team
  • Rights and Diversity Education Centre
Pricing structure

Our pricing structure will enable providers to purchase support/training when they need/require it. It is recommended that if training is required providers join together to share the cost and achieve viable/maximum numbers.

Costs for support

Support Cost
A full day of support (6 hours) £600 + VAT (if applicable)
A half day of support (3 hours) £300 + VAT (if applicable)
Additional hours £100 per hour + VAT (if applicable)
Summary reports £100 + VAT (if applicable)
Explore options and book support online
Payment process for Hampshire County Council schools

Once you have decided which training/support session you require please complete the SfYC professional options support/training request form (see previous section) and pay via HCC IBC Internal trading transfer process. This must be completed before the training or support is delivered. Please ensure the ITT number is stated on the application form so we can track the payment.

Elearning/Moodle day courses payment form

HEYTC payment form