Childcare support from your employer

Employees should seek advice from their employer in the first instance about the following support

Childcare voucher scheme

Employers can assist their employees with the costs of childcare. Childcare vouchers are exempt from National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for employers and from tax and NIC for employees. 

Vouchers are offered usually as part of a salary sacrifice scheme.

The vouchers pay for Ofsted registered or approved childcare and can be saved up to pay for summer holiday care as well spent throughout the year.

The Childcare Vouchers Calculator helps parents to decide whether they would be better off receiving tax credits or childcare vouchers.

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Employer subsidised childcare

Some employers own and run or commission an organisation to run a childcare facility, for example a workplace nursery. They offer places for employee's children at subsidised costs.

National Health Service employee childcare allowance

If you work for the NHS and you have dependent children, you may be able to receive the NHS Bursary Childcare Allowance.

How much you get depends on your circumstances and your household income.

Eligibility and how to apply