30 Hours Childcare

Help for Early Years Education and childcare settings with implementing the 30 hours childcare scheme

The Childcare Act 2016 includes the extension of the free early years education entitlement from 15 hours to 30 hours for eligible families.

30 hours childcare implementation

Providers of early years education need to consider how they will implement 30 hours childcare in tandem with tax-free childcare. We are keeping providers informed of developments via the Services for Young Children provider blog bulletin and provider briefings.

For information relating to eligibility and applying for 30 Hours Childcare see the parent’s section. The government website Childcare Choices is for parents to find out more about the help they can have with childcare costs. There is also information for childcare providers about the schemes and signing up for delivery.

Eligibility checking

Video: how to run 30 hour eligibility checks (requires Adobe Flash)

Information about tax-free childcare is also available on the Business Support page.