Leading Foundation Stage Practitioners (LFSPs) Support Guide

Services for Young Children District Advisory Teachers (DATs) will initiate visits by asking the LFSP to make contact with a specific provider. Other members of the District Advisory team may also request support input from an LFSP and this will be done initially via the LFSP’s local DAT.

Step 1: LFSP meets with local area DAT to discuss support opportunities, arrange possible shadow visit/s with the DAT and to identify specific providers requiring LFSP support.

Step 2: LFSP and local area DAT maintain contact and agree provider/s that will receive LFSP support and arrangements such as the focus of support.

Step 3: LFSP contacts practitioner/provider to arrange support and to discuss and agree the focus of the support, date and time. Contact details and preferred method of contact will also be exchanged.

Step 4: A ‘Contact Sheet’ must be completed with relevant information and if intensive support additional recording method using the ‘A Story of Development’ form. All means of support should have a contact sheet completed e.g. visits to your settings included.

Step 5: LFSP prepares support.

Step 6: Support takes place and LFSP completes relevant form (see step 4) and if appropriate, arranges follow up visit/further support. LFSP takes a photocopy of the ‘Contact Sheet’ and for more intensive support the ‘A Story of Development’ record away with them following support visits. Copies forms when support completed and passes to his/her local DAT and copies brought to LFSP Review and Evaluation meetings.

Step 7: After support has taken place the LFSP will provide an Evaluation of LFSP Support form for the practitioner to complete (if more than 1 support session is given to a practitioner/provider this form will be given out at that final session). All ‘Evaluation of LFSP Support’ forms will be kept by LFSP to be shared with local area DAT and copies brought to all LFSP Review and Evaluation meetings.  

Step 8: LFSP logs support information on the ‘LFSP Support Overview Grid’ (this can be done periodically).

For further help contact your local Services for Young Children office.