Warm signposting hubs – Christmas 2023

Hampshire County Council is looking for organisations to provide warm signposting hubs this winter to help vulnerable families keep warm and find local cost-of-living support

Warm hubs will be expected to run between 18 to 31 December but do not need to include all days, if not possible.

What is a signposting warm hub?

These warm hubs should be an indoor space with access to hot drinks and snacks for people to help themselves to. Other warm pack items should be available to be given out to those who need extra help, e.g. blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, thermal socks, etc.  Successful projects could also provide other useful opportunities, for example: food parcels to take home, budget recipe ideas, support with transport costs to attend, sharing donations of food or household essentials, clothes swap/bank, etc, depending on space and partner availability.

As this space would be an area for residents to congregate and stay warm, there should be facilities to enable information to be displayed showing local support services, with a particular focus on those offering cost-of-living support. Information about the Hampshire connect4communities programme will also be available. The connect4communities team will liaise with partner organisations to attend once venues have been selected. Where possible, this would be to attend, to give out resources and offer direct support through face-to-face conversations.  

The signposting warm hub should be advertised locally and target families that are on a low income. If successfully awarded funding, this project should not duplicate other funded opportunities but can be used to augment them, for example, to provide a warm signposting hub at a HAF scheme so parents and carers and make use of this space when dropping the children to the holiday activity.  

Awarded projects would need to be evaluated to monitor reach and determine who the support is going to. This would include recording the number of people that use the hub and asking for their feedback on the service.

Who can apply?

Signposting warm hubs would suit organisations that:

  • Have a community space that can be utilised and is easily accessed by public transport
  • Are embedded in the local community and already support residents that are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis
  • Have links with partner support organisations that can offer cost-of-living support, alongside links made by the connect4communities team. 

When and how to apply

Please note: the application window is currently closed.

Expressions of interest should set out all additional costs associated with running the warm hubs and ordering and creating warm packs or alternative support package; up to 5 per cent of admin costs will be permitted.

This can be done by completing this short online application form https://forms.office.com/e/xqmWcYEAVPand submitting by 10am on 27 November 2023. Approval of applications will be subject to a panel review and we would expect a decision to be made by early December on the outcome.

Contact us

For more information or an informal discussion please email the team at [email protected].