Community pantries

Community pantries provide groceries at a lower rate than shops and supermarkets

Pantries offer a range of fresh, frozen and general foods which change each week.

Access to the community pantry is through membership. Members make a small weekly contribution and receive food with a higher value than the same items would cost elsewhere. For example, members may be charged a nominal sum of £5 per shop and receive £15 or more of goods.

We will fund plans for at least one community pantry in each of the 11 districts in the Hampshire County Council local authority area. The funding will support either an existing community pantry or help establish a new one. Our aim is that any new community pantries funded by the connect4communities programme will be operational by February 2021. This is a one-off funding programme and pantries will be self-sustaining after March 2021.

Organisations looking for funding to set up a community pantry or to support an existing pantry should apply for a community grant.

connect4communities directory

Visit the connect4communities directory for local opportunities or support from charities and community organisations.