Community pantries - Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight Council is establishing up to 5 community pantries across the island, providing access to discounted food

Community pantries provide groceries at a lower cost than supermarkets or shops, offering a range of fresh, frozen, and general foods which will change on a weekly basis. Community pantries offer access by membership. For a small weekly contribution, members receive food to a significantly higher value. Several pantries already established in Hampshire organise activities and provide wraparound support services and social interaction for those who are isolated. It is our intention that pantries on the island will also offer these services down the line.

What is on offer

Community pantries are a sustainable method of providing food, at a reduced cost, to families in need. Pantries will work on the basis of providing a ‘helping hand’. For a contribution of around £5 per visit, ‘members’ will receive in excess of £15 worth of fresh, frozen and general food. Members can visit the pantry a maximum of once per week.

Who is eligible

Anyone is able to access their local community pantry, but will need to sign up to become a member. The membership process is managed direct by the pantry.

We have established 3 community pantries to date, please contact your closest site to become a member, or offer your services as a volunteer.



Contact details
East Cowes PO32 6HN A community pantry at Community Spirited opens on 26 April. The pantry will initially open on a smaller scale initially but is open every week on Tuesday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, and on Wednesday and Thursday from 10.30am to 12.30pm.
01983 296592
Ryde PO33 1NE A community pantry is currently being established at Oakfield CE Primary School. It opens on 9 June. 01983 563732
Ventnor PO38 1EJ Baby Box in Ventnor are setting up a community pantry which opens on 31 May.
07961 959003

Would you like to run a community pantry?

If you are an organisation interested in opening a community pantry on the Isle of Wight, please contact Laura Hales, connect4communities Project Manager.


Phone: 01983 821000

Application form and other documents

Application form to run a Community Pantry (Format: Microsoft Forms)

Household support fund grant agreement