Support for families and children

The connect4communities programme funds projects aiming to help families with children from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight who are facing hardship due to COVID-19

Families and individuals should speak with their school, college or early years provider about accessing these offers. All enquiries will be treated with the strictest confidence.

School and college discretionary grants

We are making funds available to every school and college to help families who may not be immediately eligible for the free food vouchers. The families who can receive this support may be those that are struggling financially because a parent has lost their job due to COVID-19, for example. Schools and colleges can use these grants to help families with:

  • food vouchers
  • energy cards or energy tokens to pay fuel bills
  • other essential items (warm clothing or bedding)

We are confident that schools and colleges know their communities best and are well placed to make local decisions about how to use the funding.

Books for early years children

Thanks to a kind donation by the Book Trust, free books and activity packs will be given to families with children in early years who are eligible for the food voucher scheme. The donations are an extra gift that promotes reading for fun and improves literacy. The books will be sent to childcare and early years settings to distribute.

Care leavers

In January, a £20 food or fuel voucher will be provided for each care leaver who is not already benefiting from the food voucher scheme. It is expected that over 1,900 care leavers will receive these vouchers.

Young carers

The vast majority of young carers and their families will receive a voucher as part of the food voucher scheme. However, there are an estimated 389 young carers who may not be catered for within this offer. A grant of £6,000 for the Hampshire Young Carers’ Alliance (HYCA) will provide food or essential items for this group and their families.

The ten HYCA young carers projects across Hampshire are giving their members Christmas hampers and activity boxes which will include items funded by connect4communties.

connect4communities directory

Visit the connect4communities directory for local opportunities or support from charities and community organisations.