Support with gas, electric and water bills - Isle of Wight

Direct financial support to pay gas, water and/or electricity bills, potentially including arrears.

Funds have been allocated to support the most vulnerable households on the Isle of Wight with their utility and water costs. Low-income households on the Isle of Wight will be able to access direct financial support with utility and water bills.

This will be available from Citizens Advice Isle of Wight alongside broader support and advice.

What is on offer

Direct financial support with utility costs and water costs, potentially including arrears. The value of any individual funding award will be dependent upon individual circumstances.

Who is eligible

Eligibility will depend upon individual circumstances, which will be assessed by Citizens Advice Isle of Wight.

Duration of availability

From 1 December 2022 – 31 March 2023

Contact us

For more information email:

Application Based Food Support

Citizens Advice will become the single point of contact for Island residents to understand the various support schemes available to them through the connect4communities programme. Individuals not eligible for the support schemes mentioned, will also have the opportunity to apply for food vouchers through Citizens Advice.

Making an application to receive support

If you are not eligible for the support outlined above, you can apply for help through the Help Through Crisis Helpline by visiting Isle Find It: Help Through a Crisis.