Food and fuel vouchers

COVID local support grant scheme

We have been allocated a further £682,047 to support vulnerable households with food vouchers over May Half Term. The funding is from the Department for Work and Pensions’ new initiative - the COVID Local Support Grant Scheme – which has the same criteria as the Winter Grant Scheme. Families will receive a voucher worth £15 per child for the May Half Term (31 May to 04 June 2021). To ensure support is delivered to the same vulnerable households as before, the vouchers will be offered to:

  • all families whose children are eligible for free school meals
  • children being supported by a social worker
  • children receiving early help services from Hampshire County Council’s Family Support Service
  • 2 to 4 year olds accessing childcare and who are eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium
  • 16 to 18 year olds who were previously eligible for free school meals

Families and individuals will get their vouchers directly from their school, college or early years provider.

Winter grant scheme

As part of the Government’s Winter Grant Scheme, we funded a food voucher scheme to help feed children and young people over the Christmas holiday fortnight, the February half-term school holiday and the Easter holidays.

Funding was paid directly to childcare providers, early years providers, schools and colleges. They purchased sufficient vouchers for children and young people whose families are eligible for support through the holidays.

Each eligible child or young person received a £15 voucher per week for Christmas and February, and £24 for the Easter holidays. A family may have received more than one voucher per week, depending on the number of children they have. The scheme provided vouchers to over 34,000 children.

Food and fuel vouchers were made available to partner organisations to distribute, including:

  • the Family Support Service
  • domestic abuse services
  • other agencies working directly with vulnerable households

Health Visitors

We gave 430 meal vouchers to Health Visitors to provide to families with children aged under 5 years.

Domestic Abuse

We gave 200 meal vouchers to domestic abuse services to give to families in need.

Citizens Advice

£100K in grant funding has been approved for Citizens Advice services to provide help with fuel costs. Contact details can be found on the Hampshire connect4communities directory.

connect4communities directory

Visit the connect4communities directory for local opportunities or support from charities and community organisations.

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