Hampshire Children and Young People’s Plan 2019 to 2021 - priority outcomes

The Plan focuses on the following priority outcomes for children and young people.

Be healthy
  • Employ strategies with all agencies to promote emotional wellbeing and good mental health
  • Promote healthy weights and physical activity
  • Promote health and wellbeing in pregnancy and childhood
  • Promote equality of access to health services for vulnerable groups of children and young people
  • Continue to work to reduce the rate of teenage conceptions among girls aged 15-17
  • Reduce and tackle substance misuse in parents and children
Be safe
  • Improve awareness of, and responsiveness to exploitation children 
  • Reduce the number of reoccurrences of children going missing from home or care
  • Educate children and young people to manage risks and understand unhealthy and risky behaviour
  • Improve support to adults to mitigate the impact of domestic abuse on the children / young people, ensuring that young people are supported
  • Reduce offending and reoffending by young people
  • Continue to develop responses and approaches to the trigger trio in children and families
Enjoy and achieve
  • Continue to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged children, especially those in care, those eligible for free school meals, those with special educational needs and those with minority ethnic and traveller group heritages that do not achieve as well as children in other groups
  • Promote the opportunity for children and young people to participate in their local community
  • Promote school attendance to all cohorts, and improve school attendance for the vulnerable cohorts, and reduce exclusions
  • Building resilience in schools
  • Promoting resilience and support to parents and professionals
  • Ensure opportunities for children and young people are available to all
Making a positive contribution
  • The voice of the child / young person is heard and influences services
  • Promote Rights Respecting Education (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) as a whole school approach to interpret the Convention in a meaningful way for CYPP and thus enable them to become responsible citizens, understand and promote their own rights and their responsibilities, and respect the rights of others
  • Promote school participation in the selection of Hampshire members of the UK Youth Parliament, and the promotion of Members of Youth Parliaments (MYPs) priorities and campaigns
Economic wellbeing
  • Support programmes to deliver change to identified children and their families with multiple problems including parent/carers not in work and children not attending school
  • To support young people to develop the skills that will support their future careers by participating in education, employment and training
  • To provide young people with access to high quality careers education information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and inspirational experiences that will allow them to make informed decisions for their future careers
  • To ensure that the Hampshire employment and skills system is effective and responsive to the needs of employers and individuals
  • Improve housing options for vulnerable young people and ensure young people are prepared for independent living
Download the CYPP
For more information, or for a copy of the CYPP in another language or format (such as large print, audio), phone 0300 555 1375 or email childrenstrust@hants.gov.uk