Offending/anti-social behaviour - Youth Crime Prevention

Who can be referred?

Any young person aged 10-16 (inclusive), who is at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour due to:

  • their own behaviour at home, at school or in the community
  • the influence of friends, family and associates
  • underlying risk factors that are likely to lead to offending or anti-social behaviour in the future.

What is YCP?

YCP stands for youth crime prevention. YCP is part of the Hampshire Youth Offending Team and is a voluntary service for young people aged 10-16 years old and their families. We cover all 11 Hampshire districts. We work with young people who are at risk of offending and have not received any disposals from the police. If a young person has been involved with the police at a low level we aim to divert them from developing patterns of persistent and more serious offending in the future.

How does YCP do this?

We work closely with the young person, their family and other agencies. We complete an ONSET assessment which is reviewed every 3 - 9 months and allows us to monitor any change in risk of offending. We then create an individual intervention plan to meet the needs of the young person which is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. We can work with young people between 3 months and a year depending on need. This work normally involves home visits to the family and one to one weekly visits with the young person either in or after school. We sometimes try and get the young people involved in diversionary or group activities where appropriate.

Who does this?

Each young person is assigned a caseworker who works directly with them and their family from the beginning to the end of their referral, managing and reviewing their case.

Making a referral to YCP

For a young person to be referred to YCP they must be exhibiting challenging behaviour within the community and not just within an education environment. The young person must not have reached final warning stage to be eligible for YCP intervention. Any agency, including parents, can refer to YCP via the professionals line / hantsdirect.

Examples of risk factors that could meet criteria for YCP referral:

  • Living and Family arrangements- single parent household, family known to be involved in crime/antisocial behaviour
  • Education- is not in full time education, poor attendance, bullying
  • Neighbourhood and Friends- lives in an area known to have high crime rate, friends are older, friends/family known to YOT
  • Substance Misuse- Drinks alcohol, smokes, takes illegal drugs (or family members do)
  • Emotional and Mental Health- ADHD, suffered bereavement, known by mental health service
  • Perception of Self and Others- discriminatory towards others, shows inappropriate self esteem
  • Thinking, Behaviour and Attitude- gets easily bored, follows peers, impatient
  • Young Person’s Vulnerability- due to own behaviour i.e. self harm
  • Risk of Harm by the Young Person- caused harm to others, treated to cause harm