Early signs of drug/alcohol misuse

The identification of alcohol and substance misuse in terms of prevention, early intervention strategies and treatment services are commissioned in Hampshire along a pathway developed through consultation with key stakeholders and providers.

Level 2 (targeted) services are available to support children and young people in the school setting.  These services determine the opportunities and requirement for parental involvement and other agencies to reduce and mitigate the risks to young people and those considered vulnerable.  Youth projects in Hampshire offer prevention support to young people around substance misuse. See the Supporting families early help directory.

Catch22 Hampshire 24/7 are commissioned to provide targeted substance misuse services for young people aged 11-16 years across Hampshire in a school setting.

The targeted service will:

  • promote improved educational outcomes for vulnerable pupils who may be involved in substance misuse
  • offer advice and consultation to school staff, including drug coordinators, on substance misuse management issues
  • provide individual support at a targeted level for young people who may be engaged in substance misuse, this will include supporting young people who are at risk of exclusion or who are returning from exclusion
  • work with families and other agencies to support the young person.

Referrals to the service will be accepted from any staff working within schools.  Young people should be referred when a substance related incident occurs (as defined by school’s policy), where there are concerns that they are becoming involved in regular absence or are displaying changes in behaviour, due to substance misuse. Young people’s consent must be gained for the referral and confidentiality should be addressed, in line with each school’s Confidentiality Policy. Catch22 Hampshire 24/7 can be accessed by telephone on 0845 459 9405, via e-mail at 247hants@catch-22.org.uk or visit Hampshire 24/7 (Substance Misuse Support).

Definitions of the early signs of substance misuse can be found on the Adfam website.

Drinkaware also have a definition of the early signs of alcohol misuse.

The website ‘Talk to Frank’ also offers a definition of the early signs of drug misuse.