Drug/alcohol misuse impacting negatively

Level 2 and Level 3 targeted and specialist services are available to support children and young people up to the age of 18 years either within their school setting or outside for Level 3 support.  These services determine the opportunities and requirement for parental involvement and other agencies to reduce and mitigate the risks to young people and those considered vulnerable.  In Hampshire Catch22 Hampshire 24/7 are commissioned to do this.

Specialist Treatment is defined as:

‘Young people’s specialist substance misuse treatment is a care planned medical, psychosocial or specialist harm reduction intervention aimed at alleviating current harm caused by a young person’s substance misuse’.

The specialist service will provide:

  • a comprehensive substance misuse assessment
  • assertive outreach for those who chose not to engage
  • pharmacological, psychosocial, and family interventions
  • specialist harm reduction, including injecting and overdose / accidental injury
  • needle exchange
  • care plan and reviews
  • care coordination
  • enhanced care coordination for young people with mental health needs
  • a comprehensive discharge policy and procedure, for planned and unplanned discharge, particularly discharge against medical advice
  • focussed support for young people returning into their community from custody, hospital or rehabilitation centre
  • transition into adult treatment services where appropriate in line with agreed protocols
  • support with access to residential treatment.

Anyone can refer a young person into the specialist service, including the young person themselves or their parents/carers.

Where young people do not meet the assessment criteria for specialist treatment the Service will work with key staff in educational settings and other agencies to formulate a plan to support the young person. This may include linking with community projects and / or the Service providing short-term targeted work with the young person and their family to prevent escalation into a specialist treatment service.

If you are unsure whether a young person should be referred to the service, please call 0845 459 9405 and speak to a member of the team or the link worker for your area, who will be able to discuss this with you.  If you would like further information about the service call them on  0845 459 9405, e-mail them at 247hants@catch-22.org.uk or visit the Catch 22 website.

Children and young people to 17 years involved in offending and under the supervision of the criminal justice system through Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) will receive support and guidance regarding any underlying substance misuse issues. The team will take a multi-agency approach in relation to the child, the family and anyone involved with looking after the child or young person such as social services or a school. The YOT assessment will be used to enable solutions and support for the child and those people around the child.  For alcohol issues this would via linking with the young person’s specialist treatment service.