Potential for becoming NEET

Young people up to the age of 16 are required by law to be in full time education. Young people aged 16-18 are required to be participating in some form of education, training or employment with training.

Young people who are not fully engaged in school may be at increased risk of becoming NEET at age 16. It is important to identify these young people early, before they disengage from education, so that help can be put in place to support them. Some indicators that a young person is at risk of becoming NEET may include, but is not limited to:

  • increased levels of absence or truancy
  • low levels of prior attainment
  • behavioural or social difficulties
  • chaotic family background
  • offending or at risk of offending
  • in care/care leaver
  • young parent

Schools have a duty to ensure that all young people on their roll are engaged in an appropriate curriculum and have access to the right support to enable them to achieve. Level 2 single agency support should be sought from the school in the first instance. Schools may seek to source alternative provision for young people identified as at risk of becoming NEET.

HCC guidance for schools on commissioning alternative provision

There are resources to support schools in identifying at risk of NEET young people. A practical guide for Headteachers published by the National Foundation for Educational Research.