Does your child or young person have a significant barrier to learning in comparison with others of their age?

A "significant barrier to learning" means that your child or young person needs extra or different support than other children of the same age.

This might be to do with:

  • how they communicate
  • how they learn
  • their social, emotional or mental health
  • their physical abilities
  • their sensory needs

Our guidancedescribes this in more detail.

We use this guidance to help make our decisions. We will consider the entire picture for a child or young person's needs at the time of the request.

Yes, my child has significant barriers to learning

No, I don't think my child has these barriers


Existing support

If you have concerns about the support your child or young person gets in their education setting, speak to staff there first. You can find contact details for your education setting on the Family Information and Services Hub.