Request an EHC assessment

Before requesting an Education, Health and Care (EHC) assessment, it is important to be sure that the education setting (this includes nursery, school and college, for example) has done everything that it can and should to support your child or young person.

In most cases, the EHC assessment is requested by the early years setting, school, college or by you. Staff will have discussed your child’s progress in detail with you and a SEN Support Plan will have been used. The local authority has to decide whether or not an EHC assessment should be undertaken and you will be advised of the reasons for the decision.

These checklists will tell you if your EHC assessment request is being made at the right time so that it will have the best chance of proceeding.

Documents to complete for the EHC Assessment

If you proceed with requesting an EHC assessment, there are some documents should be completed as part of the request. They are for contributions from parents and carers, the child or young person and the education setting. The documents should be attached to the request in the EHC Hub. 

View and download the documents