Naming an education setting

For the final Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), you can tell us which is your preferred education setting for your child. We will name that education setting in the final EHC plan unless:

  • it is incompatible with the child or young person’s age, ability, aptitude or special educational needs


  • it is incompatible with the efficient education of others with whom the child or young person would be educated, or the efficient use of resources.

This means that we feel the education setting would not be suitable for your child given their age or ability. Also that it might impact in a negative way on the education of other children or the resources available in the setting.

When considering which education setting to name, we will always consult with:

  • the child’s current education setting
  • the child’s catchment mainstream school or college
  • any other education setting deemed by us as the ‘nearest suitable’
  • the education setting preferred by the parents or young person, if different to the above.

We will carefully consider the views of these settings. It is possible that the setting will raise concerns about being able to meet the needs of the child. They might decline to offer a place for the child or young person. We will work with the setting to ensure that they are meeting all their statutory duties. They must make reasonable steps and not treat any child less favourably because they have SEN or disability. When an education setting is named in an EHCP, it must admit them.

Sometimes, it won't be possible for us to agree to name the education setting preferred by the you or child. In this case, we will always discuss this with you and explain our decision.