Reviewing a child's progress

Regular reviews of the SEN support plan

Children with a SEN Support Plan must have their progress reviewed regularly. The education setting doesn't need to wait for formal review meetings to make changes to the SEN Support Plan. However, they should track and review the plan and the outcomes at least once a term. The outcomes of the review will lead to the planning the next cycle of the SEN Support Plan.

Regular reviews usually mean a scheduled meeting at the education setting. The child's teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and parents/carers usually attend. Sometimes other people may attend such health or care professionals.

The meeting should consider the following:

  • Is the child making progress towards the outcomes?
  • What is the evidence of this?
  • Are new skills being used in class work?
  • How do the child and parents feel about the provision?
  • What are the views of support staff, parents and the child?
  • How will the outcomes of this review feed back into the plan for the child's needs?
  • What changes to support, provision and outcomes are needed?