Short breaks for Disabled Children - 2019-2020 Funding

Provision of Short Breaks for carers of disabled children is a statutory duty since April 2011 under The Breaks for Carers Regulations 2011.

The Hampshire County Council Short Breaks programme

The Hampshire County Council Short Breaks programme will:

  • give parents or full-time carers an opportunity to have a short break from caring to take part in training, leisure activities, day-to-day tasks, or education
  • enable children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs to join in with safe, fun and interesting activities

Short Breaks come in all shapes and sizes, lasting from a few hours to a day or an evening, and provide a positive experience for all. They could:

  • be a fun short break activity just for your child
  • include additional support so that an individual child or young person can join a club or recreational activity in their community
Who are short breaks for?

The grant is for activity providers who support disabled children and young people who:

  • Have a disability and/or additional needs that mean they require support to participate in leisure and recreation activities
  • Are aged between 0 to 17 years
  • Live in the Hampshire County Council area

Have a Gateway Card which identifies that s/he has a disability and/or additional needs and may require support to access activities.

Changes to 2019-2020 Short Breaks Grants

Following the recent public consultation on Short Breaks Activities the Executive Lead Member for Children’s Services approved the proposals set out in the Decision Day Report.

a) Proposal 1: To commission the Short Break Activities Programme on the basis of priorities, agreed with a representative parent/carer panel

b) Proposal 2: To require parents and carers to pay in advance for Short Break Activities, and for providers to collect advance payment of parents’/carers’ contributions for those activities

c) Proposal 3: To require providers of Short Break Activities to apply consistent parental/carer charges and hardship rates

d) Proposal 4: To move to a new online Gateway Card application system

e) Proposal 5: To require evidence of eligibility from a professional as part of the new Gateway Card application to access the Short Break Activities Programme

f) Proposal 6: From 1 April 2019, to stop funding Short Break Activities for young people aged 18 and over

g)  Proposal 7: That Short Break Activities would only be funded for children who live in the Hampshire County Council authority area

h) Proposal 8: To only fund Short Break Activities which allow parents and carers to leave their child

i) Proposal 9: To stop funding swimming lessons as a short break activity

j) It is further recommended that the charging policy setting out the consistent parent/carer contributions and hardship rates set out in Integral Appendix D is approved

When and How to Apply

All applications must be made via In-Tend, the Council’s procurement system. The portal will be open for a period of 8 weeks opening on Tuesday 31 July 12noon and closing at 12noon on Tuesday 25 September 2018.

Short Break Activity Grants will be funded for a period of six months 01 April 2019 – 30 September 2019. Funding will be prioritised for activities identified through the consultation as the most important by parents/carers. These are:

1a) Having a break within the school holiday periods; including; half-terms, Easter, Christmas and summer holiday periods
1b) Having a break via After School Clubs
1c) Having a break via Youth Clubs
2) Having a break that’s available on weekends
3) Having a break that’s available on weekdays, during school term

Funding applications for activities not listed in the priorities may be considered. This will be dependent on evidence of need and availability of funding.

Please note that there will only be one opportunity to bid for funding for this six month grant period – therefore any providers who have previously applied to the Under £5k grant stream, will be required to apply for funding during the dates detailed above for activities taking place during 1 April – 30 September 2019.

As this will be a new process for some providers, the team will be happy to support you in order to submit your application. Please contact the Contracts and Grants team on 01962 833359 or email to either discuss further or arrange a meeting with a member of the team.

What we can’t fund following the Executive Member Decision (12 July 2018)

Young people who live outside of the Hampshire County Council area
Young people aged 18 years and over
Activities where parents/carers are required to stay
Swimming lessons

More information and guidance on how to apply

Under £5000 Grant and Support for Individual 2018 - 2019

Below are the proposed dates for the grant panel to discuss and award funding for Short Breaks grant applications. Please also note that the grant application process will be closed for a week prior to the panel date to ensure that the team has ample time to prepare for the panel and collate all the necessary information from Providers.

Application Deadline (grant application will not be accessible from this date onwards) Grant Panel Date Grant applications re-open for next round of grant funding
09 March 2018 20  March 2018 21 March 2018
18 June 2018 26 June 2018 27 June 2018
01 October 2018 09 October 2018 10 October 2018
07 January 2019 15 January 2019 16 January 2019

Please also note that there is a £4999.99 limit on any Support For Individuals and Under £5K grant, this means that applications that total more than this over the financial year will not be supported. For example if you are submitting multiple applications over the year then they must not total more than £4999.99.

If you are likely to be submitting multiple applications throughout the year then please where applicable consider putting the whole years grant funding into one application. The team will also not be able to consider retrospective funding so please make sure that all applications are submitted in a timely manner.

Please remember to include the following information; otherwise this will delay the approval/payment of your grant:

  • Dates, times and venues  for all activities which be taking place
  • The number of young people who will be participating / or anticipated number of young people attending
  • Gateway Card numbers – for support for individual applications
  • The amount the parent will be paying for the activity – this is still important even if you are just requesting funding for the additional support.

The Short Breaks Team are always available to offer guidance on possible funding applications so please do give us a ring or drop us an email.

Apply for a Under £5000 or Support For Individual’s Grant


Action Hampshire has written a briefing note on sustainability – we strongly recommend this document is read, prior to submitting your application.
Short Breaks Sustainability Guidance

Further information

Contact the Contracts & Grants Team

Phone 01962 846399


Apply for an Under £5,000 (£4,999.99) or Support for Individuals grant

If you apply for more than one project at a time, you will need to include two supplementary question forms:

Additional information

If you are a childcare provider such as a child minder, nursery or pre-school, discuss the individual child or young person's needs with your local Area Inclusion Coordinator before applying. More information about this service can be found at the Inclusion Coordinator website or phone 01962 847070.