Manage your Gateway Card

A guide for parents and carers

Get started

If you’re applying for the first time it’s much easier to make an account first. That way your card(s) will be added into your account to access whenever you need to view or manage them.

Before you begin, you will need:

  1. a device (phone, tablet, computer) with a web browser
  2. an email account you have access to
  3. a mobile phone that can receive text messages
  4. the unique card number of each card you hold
  5. details about each child you want to manage a card for
Create an account

You will need to register for a customer account.

Complete the information on the registration form, then press Create account.

You’ll get an email sent to the email address you used. When you receive it, follow the instructions in the email and onscreen to set your password.

Your account

Your account screen

When you sign in, you will see a screen titled Your account.

Apply for a Gateway card

When you apply – if you’ve signed into your account – all your details will be filled in.

You’ll still need to enter the details of the child you are applying for.

Apply now for a Gateway Card

Link a Gateway Card

To link your first card, make sure you have a mobile phone handy and the details of your card.

Go to Link a Gateway Card in your browser and you will be prompted to set a secure phone number.

Enter your mobile phone number and press Send.

You’ll get a text with a 6 digit number. Enter this in the Confirm code screen and press Continue.

Enter the information on each part of the form as it is presented to you and press Next.

Be careful entering your child's first name and your email address as capital letters do matter.

We’ll show you a summary of everything you’ve entered.

If it all looks good, press Verify details and the card should link to your customer account.

We have to ask for a lot of information here as we need to be sure that you are responsible for the information about the cardholder.

Link another Gateway Card

View linked cards screen with Link Gateway Card tile

If you have more than one child with a Gateway Card, on the View linked cards screen you can keep adding more by pressing Link a Gateway Card shown below your cards.

Follow the onscreen instructions to link exactly as you did your first card.

View a Gateway Card

View linked cards screen

When you have linked a card, you’ll be shown the View linked cards screen.

All the Gateway Cards will show on this screen as you apply and link more.

You can press View card – child name to see the whole card and even print it.

View card screen

The QR codes can be presented on your phone when you check in to Short Break activities so you’ll always have a digital copy.

Renew a Gateway card

Gateway Card expiring soon

Cards that need renewing will show on the View linked cards screen with a prompt and a link.

Renew card screen

If none of the details have changed, in the Declaration section tick the box. Press Submit.

If any details have changed, press Edit and you can update the information. Press Submit when you have finished

The renewal will go to our team for checking and approving.

Get back to your cards

My Gateway Cards tile

Now you’re all linked up, you can get back to your Gateway Cards by signing into your customer account and choosing My Gateway Cards from the Your account screen.

Help and support

Contact the Short Breaks Team if you require help with your Gateway Card.


Phone 03707 793569