Inclusion workshop and conference handouts

Inspiring Inclusion Conference 2014

Keynote speaker: Philip Douch - Inclusion - some knotty questions


Wenn Lawson Autism Workshops

Daytime workshop: The Passionate Mind - how people with autism learn

Dr. Wenn Lawson MAPS, BPS has high functioning autism, presents internationally and is well published. Wenn explores the influence of individual neurological development with reference to impact upon learning styles.

Wenn’s workshops are research based. They focus upon building bridges between the neurologically typical (NT) and autism spectrum (AS) worlds. Relationships; formal, informal, familiar or otherwise, all need to be negotiated. Developing individuals usually seem to have little difficulty with communicating needs, wants and desires. AS people however understand the world differently. This implies a clash in the social arena. Social demand and interaction for AS individuals is a nightmare.

The Passionate Mind Autism presentation

Evening workshop: Understanding challenging behaviour of children with Autism Spectrum

  • Explore ways to encourage communication for individuals with autism spectrum conditions (ASC)
  • Suggest supportive interventions and environments that may help in ASC
  • Show how the above can lead to success in ASC and enable individuals with ASC to feel good about who they are

Understanding challenging behaviour of children with AS presentation

YouTube clips shown across the two presentations

Aspergers traits in Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory TV programme)

Carly - Autistic Teenager (short version)

Carly - Autistic Teenager (10 minute version that Wenn showed)

Share these videos with others. They are an excellent way to raise awareness and get people thinking differently. Share them in staff meetings, with friends and family.

For more information also see Wenn Lawson’s webpage.

Inspiring Inclusion Conference 2013

Keynote speaker: Rob Long - Aim to Achieve


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