Assessments by the Communication and Interaction team

We assess your child to see how they are functioning within the school environment.

All assessments take place at school. As part of the assessment we may contact you to ask how you think your child’s communication needs affect them.

When we see your child we will tell you in advance and will always let you know the outcomes. Both Specialist Teacher Advisors and Speech and Language Therapists carry out assessments. Speech and Language Therapists can carry out a diagnostic assessment if needed.

What happens at an assessment icon

How we assess your child

We observe your child in the school environment such as in the classroom and playground. We will also talk to key staff who support your child in school.

Assessments focus on how your child is able to access their curriculum and function within their environment. This can include:

  • reviewing how their language is developing
  • considering how their spoken language skills impact other areas of learning
  • looking at how they make and maintain friendships
  • looking at how your child can manage their behaviour and emotions

Speech and Language Therapists will do the above but will focus more on your child’s language and communication skills. They will look at how your child's skills are progressing in relation to their age. They will produce a report which is diagnostic and can be used as evidence of a disability.

Speech and Language Therapists have to follow certain rules about when they can use formal assessments. They can't repeat these too often – some no more than every 18 months.

We can’t diagnose Autism but we could make a recommendation that your child sees an appropriate professional. Speech and Language Therapists can provide a report which may help with a diagnosis.

What happens after an assessment icon

After the assessment

We will send either a report or a learning profile home. These documents will provide information about your child's communication and interaction needs. They can be used by you and the people who work with your child.

Both the report and the learning profile can be used as contribution to the EHCP process and review.