Referrals to the Communication and Interaction team

Special schools

In special schools we support children from year R and up. Any child in a special school is automatically eligible for our support. There is a speech and language therapist attached to the school who will be aware of the needs of all the children. Parents do not need to contact us to make a referral, but you can get in touch if you would like to.

Local Offer - Special Schools

CI Special School Parent Carer Booklet

Universal Consent Letter

Mainstream schools

The school or college Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) will discuss with us whether your child would benefit from a referral to our team. We are able to support KS2, 3, 4 and 5 pupils with EHCPs, where communication and interaction is an area of need.

Local offer - Mainstream

CI Mainstream School Parent Carer Booklet

Consent Letter

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Moving to Hampshire

If you are moving to Hampshire and your child has an EHCP with Communication and Interaction Needs then please speak to the school SENCo (mainstream schools) or the class teacher (special schools) to discuss support for your child.

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Your consent

We need your consent to support your child. Without it, we cannot work with them in school.

If your child is in a Special School we will ask you to sign a universal consent letter when they join the school.

If your child is in a mainstream school, your SENCo will discuss making a referral with you. If you agree to the referral then they will share a written consent letter with you. You must reply to this letter, giving your consent to a C&I team member seeing your child. Then the referral can be made by the SENCo to request support.