Direct support (supporting your child)

We support your child in their school.

We aim to:

  • identify your child's needs and barriers to learning or social development
  • help them make progress in learning, communication and social interaction
  • support your child to share their views about their support in school and how they learn best
  • prepare your child for the next phase of their education
  • enable your child to be as independent as possible

How we support your child

We will observe and support your child either on their own or in a small group. In schools we mainly offer support as part of a class or a small group. We have found this is the best way to help your child learn skills in a meaningful and useful way. We will see your child on their own when it is the best way to support them to make progress.

We will work directly with you child when we need to:

  • provide a diagnostic speech and language assessment
  • trial strategies and interventions
  • gain insight into how your child perceives school or their support