Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

The Communication and Language (CaL) Team Consists of Specialist Teacher Advisers and Speech and Language Therapists.

We help schools and colleges meet the needs of Hampshire students with an Education Health and Care Plan for Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and/or autism.

We offer specialist advice to:

  • mainstream junior and secondary schools
  • post 16 mainstream educational settings

All members of staff are qualified and trained in their specialist area. They are required to continue updating their knowledge through continual professional development.

We work closely with the Hampshire Educational Psychology service and NHS Children’s Therapy service.

This service complies with and adheres to all Hampshire County Council policies regarding safety at work, child protection and data protection.

Services offered
  • Facilitation of transition from primary to secondary school and from secondary school to colleges
  • Formal and informal assessment of young peoples’ speech, language and communication skills
  • Provision of a language and communication profile outlining a young person's needs and helpful support strategies
  • Sharing of the profile with staff, parents, carers and other professionals
  • Training to school staff, parents/carers and peers to raise awareness of the barriers to learning and helpful strategies
  • Advice on personalised curriculum (IEP) target setting and outcomes
  • Seeking young people’s view
  • Review of progress
  • Individual work with children and young people on specific skills as appropriate
  • Observation of young people within their settings, feedback to staff
  • Collaborative work with parents, carers, children and young people, staff in educational settings, colleagues in the local authority (LA) and other professionals regarding the education and management of children and young people with language impairment
  • Signposting parents, carers and staff to other useful agencies and contacts
  • Support and liaison with parents/carers so that they can make informed choices
  • Attendance at annual reviews where appropriate

Users of our service can expect:

  • professional and specialised support from a team of well-qualified and motivated staff
  • a high quality, professional service
  • clear, unbiased and up to date information
  • written advice and/or programmes as appropriate
  • an emphasis on practical solutions
  • confidentiality
  • a user-friendly service
Who can use our services

STAS CaL works with children and young people with a diagnosed speech, language and communication difficulty and/or autism, and recognised as their primary need on the Education Health and Care Plan.

Our service is available to:

  • children and young people
  • families and carers
  • mainstream junior and secondary schools and colleges
  • other professionals and agencies

The STA CaL Team concentrate on pupils with language and/or communication disorder as opposed to Language and Communication Delay associated with Global Learning Difficulties.

Decisions about who can use the service are made using eligibility criteria, discussions/close liaison with other professionals in Health and Education, working with the child or young person. Occasionally, STAS are directed to work with children / young people by the local authority SEN Service, even though the individual may not meet criteria.

STAS will ensure parents/carers/schools understand and appreciate any decisions made through their responses above and can be contacted for further discussion.

STAs will refer back to the eligibility criteria to explain the result in relation to the child/young person’s SEND and the impact on their ability to access the school environment and curriculum.

Eligibility criteria

  • Statement/Education Health and care Plan of Special Educational Needs with the priority need listed as Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and/or Autism 
  • Placement in a mainstream junior or secondary school and 16+ mainstream college in Hampshire 
Accessing CaL services

The CaL Team obtain student information from the Special Educational Needs Team. They initiate contact with schools and parents/carers, usually at the year 3 annual review.

Once it has been agreed the child or young person meets criteria for support from the Service, a STA is assigned to them and they will normally be visited within the next half term. 

The team regularly update their case load in liaison with the SEN Team (such as late allocation of EHCP).


There are no charges for schools / academies or for parents.

You could use your personal budget to pay for training in situations where costs are presented to schools or colleges.

How we communicate with service users

We seek the views of those using our service via:

  • direct communication with service users during visits in school
  • bi-annual questionnaires seeking the views of service users
  • parent support groups and coffee mornings
  • signposting to specific voluntary community sector support groups
  • representation of parents/carers in Specialism County Groups

Reporting on your child or young person's progress

  • Regular communication through meetings at school, written reports, telephone contact, emails, annual reviews where appropriate
  • From the information shared in these situations, you will be informed of any progress the child / young person is making and whether any additional support or intervention is required if the expected progress is not being made
  • Parents and carers can attend training provided to schools where appropriate

A priority for our teams is to develop knowledge in schools. Specialism teams provide training for groups of staff across the county as well as bespoke training solutions in individual schools and settings.

Training provided in schools is free, but a charge is made to independent/non-maintained schools.

Some training courses presented in local offices incur a cost.

There are some accredited courses which incur a cost.

CaL Team offices

STAS CaL is located within three offices around the county, providing an equal level of support and advice to all children and young people who meet criteria across the whole county.

There are Specialist Teacher Advisers and Speech and Language Therapists for CAL in all 3 offices.

Specialist Teacher Advisory Service - Children’s Services Department

Dame Mary Fagan House 
Chineham Court 
Lutyens Close 
RG24 8AG 

Phone 01252 814776 / 7

Specialist Teacher Advisory Service - Hampshire County Council Children’s Services 

Havant Public Service Plaza 
Civic Centre Road 

Phone 02392 441405 / 9

Specialist Teacher Advisory Service Children’s Services Department - Winchester Local Office 

Falcon House
Monarch Way
SO22 5PL

Phone 01962 876344 / 5

Accessibility of CaL offices

It is unusual for service users to have to attend meetings at the Local Offices. Most meetings take place in the service user's home or the educational settings, however all three offices are accessible.

All of the offices have accessible toilets, but they do not have accessible changing facilities.

Contact us

You should contact the school first, for more information and to discuss your thoughts or concerns with the LSA, class teacher, SENCo or Head.