Children from birth to 4 years

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Support for your child

As Specialist Teachers we will offer support at home or in your child's preschool or nursery. We aim to:

  • help your family understand hearing loss and what that means for your child
  • improve your child's language development
  • show parents and carers communication techniques
  • consider next steps for your child
  • monitor your child's journey

We will do this by:

  • learning through play
  • providing resources and discussing equipment needs
  • assessing how your child is using their hearing
  • visiting with other services such as Portage, Speech and Language Therapists or Health Visitors
  • teaching early signs from British Sign Language (BSL) and baby signing at home with Early Years Deaf Instructors
  • supporting you when applying for Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • visiting pre-school settings with you and support the transition
  • signposting links with the Deaf Community
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Support for the preschool or nursery

We will also support the preschool or nursery by:

  • supporting with requesting an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • multi-agency working with Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings or similar
  • supporting the transition to school
  • staff training, adaptations and recommending resources
  • supporting with accessing Special Educational Needs (SEN) funding

Monthly Stay and Play coffee mornings

These sessions give families opportunities to meet other hearing impaired children. Sessions might include:

  • playing listening games
  • singing nursery rhymes
  • telling stories with signing
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Early Years' Deaf Instructors

We also have Early Years' Deaf Instructors who:

  • offer taster signing sessions with a Deaf adult
  • offer a series of 10 sessions with a Deaf adult to learn signs that will be useful with babies and little ones
  • work with the pre-school and school to introduce useful school based signs as your child starts with the setting
  • sign-post to other organisation and groups within the Deaf Community
  • offer a role model of a Deaf adult to families, children and young people