Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) assessments

What happens at an assessment icon

What happens at an assessment

Assessments are informal and always with the assigned NHS Speech and Language Therapist. We will observe your child’s communication through play to determine what their AAC needs are. We look specifically at:

  • verbal communication
  • current AAC
  • the educational setting's access to software to support AAC
  • setting targets related to AAC

Example of a communication book

Symbol/word resources will be explored such as this communication book. Part of the assessment will be to find out which core vocabulary stage is appropriate

Using a communication board with a Mr Potato Head game

During the visit fun activities using symbol/word resources and toys will be explored

Child using communication software on a tablet device

If appropriate, communication software on a tablet device may be explored

Where the assessment takes place icon

Where assessments take place

The initial assessment will usually take place in the educational setting, at pre-school, school or college. Occasionally we may make a home visit.

Who will assess your child icon

Who will assess your child

Your child will be assessed by one of our teachers called a Specialist Teacher Adviser and an NHS Speech and Language Therapist (SALT).

Next steps icon

Next steps

After the initial visit the Assistive Technology team will visit to work with your child and school staff alongside the Speech and Language Therapist. The frequency of our visits and any future assessments will depend on the needs of your child. Most children are seen once or twice a term.