Assistive technology referrals

Children and young people are referred to the Assistive technology (AT) team from the STAS Physical Disability team. 

Our criteria

  • Your child has been diagnosed by the Health Authority as having a physical disability that affects them functioning in the educational setting
  • Your child has, or is awaiting, an EHCP
  • The referral has been discussed with parent(s) and they are in agreement.
  • The educational setting must ensure recommendations from the assessment are met, including; adhering to a loan agreement, staff training, liaison with AT team and differentiation of the curriculum

We don't:

support children attending special schools, except when transitioning to or from a mainstream school.

Consent received icon

Your consent

Parental consent for Assistive Technology is covered by the consent form returned to the Physical Disability team.

If consent is not given we can't proceed with assessing or providing support.

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Next steps

Once it is decided that your child meets the criteria, and consent has been given a date for an AT assessment will be arranged.