Children from birth to 4 years

Support for your child icon

Support for your child

We will offer support at home or in your child's preschool or nursery. Our aim is to help you and your family understand your child's eye condition and how it might impact their life.

We will do this by:

  • visiting pre-school settings with you and support the transition
  • carrying out individual assessments on your child
  • writing reports where appropriate
  • loaning specialist equipment
  • recommending resources you could buy
  • helping you track your child's learning if they don't go to pre-school
  • supporting your child with transition to school
Support for the pre-school or nursery icon

Support for the preschool or nursery

We will also support the preschool or nursery by:

  • giving advice to early years practitioners about learning and resources
  • giving advice about the environment and any adaptations required
  • training for all those involved with the child
  • advising on target setting for the child
  • support with requesting an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • multi agency working with the Team Around the Child (TAC)